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Love Poems

If you're in love these are the poems for you.

Just Thinking of you
I picture your face
and I know it's true
another minute flew by
just thinking of you
I sit here and I wonder
I dream and I daze
people all around me
try to follow my gaze
smiling and grinning
wondering too
how many minutes flew by
just thinking of you
I close my eyes
and what do I see
your cute little face
staring back at me
I am always happy
dreaming about you
I could sit here for hours
just thinking of you
Thinking of You
When the nights are long and cold,
and the days are lonesome and blue,
and the tears begin to get old,
my thoughts always drift to you.
When my heart is quickly breaking,
and I'm forced to search my mind
for something to stop the aching,
you are the one I find.
When I'm feeling helpless and weak,
you give me the strength to move on.
When I'm broken and cannot speak,
you give me the words through song.
The happiness I know with you
is like nothing I've felt before.
When once all was closed from view,
now you have opened the door
and released my hidden emotions,
released my heart and soul,
my deepest love and devotion,
finally making me whole.
If we are forced to be apart,
throughout everything you do,
please know that you are in my heart,
and that I'm always thinking of you.
Will You Go Out With Me
From the first time I laid eyes on you,
I felt something inside, and hoped that you did too.
That night I dreamed about me an you,
wishing that when I wake it would come true.
You have been on my mind,
ever since i met you that first time.
I tried to get you out of my head,
but my heart told me to like you instead.
Being next ot you i feel like I'm in heaven,
give me a chance and I'll adore you twenty four-seven.
I hope you see that we were meant to be,
please... will you go out with me?
A Thousand Apologies
Sorry that I love you, sorry that i care
Sorry that we've taken for granted the love that we share
Sorry for the heartache, sorry for the pain
Sorry for what you gave if I didn't give back the same
Sorry for the waiting, sorry to waste your time
Sorry if I'm not worth it, you don't have to be mine
Sorry for mistaking something that I thought was true
Sorry if you don't understand why I do what I do
Sorry for my feelings if they're not enough
Sorry if we can't work through all this stuff
Sorry if you can't fit me into your life
Sorry if all I do is cause us to fight
Sorry if I'm cramping your style or getting in your way
Sorry if i don't say the things you want me to say
Sorry if I don't meausure up to what you want me to be
Sorry if I can't be enough to make you just want me
Sorry for apologizing but I dnot' know what to do
Sorry if my only dreams consist of me and you

Sometimes I look up at the stars at night,
wishing that you were holding me tight.
I hold back the tears before they slide down my cheek,
prying to God to keep me strong not weak.
I make a wish in the deepness of my heart,
that soon we'll be together, not so far apart.
I think of all the good times we have shared,
I want you to know that I'll always care.
I want you to hold me and never let me go,
I miss you and love you, just thought I'd let you know
The Difference Between Giving and Deserving
I don't deserve this
You give me too much
But isn't that what they call this?
This thing they call love?
You say love is giving
You say it is kind
But what have I given?
Other than some time?
You've given me presents
You've given me hugs
You've given me kisses
And shown me your love.
I wish I could show you
Just what that means
I hope I can love you
Just as you have loved me
Two Of Me
 I never thought I'd find myself,
the day that I found you.
Plans for only
one of me
are future plans for
Soul mates in this universe
that make the world surreal.
For when I'd given up on dreams
you showed me love is real.
And now that all my love for you
will never cease to grow,
please take me in your loving arms
and never let me go.
-Anne G. Fegely


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