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Breakup poems

These poems are good if you've broken up with your boyfriend. Some are talking about being glad for the breakup, and some are saying you're still in love with them.

You're out of my life
it hurt at first but now I'm alright
I decided to not listen to your lies anymore
it's over it's through I've closed my door
so many times I've been played as a fool
at first you were a good person but now you're just cruel
you said if I would wait one day we would be together
but I'm moving on with my life I can't wait on you forever
hopefully one day soon you'll find it isn't nice
to find the one you love being with someone else each night
i must admit the times we spent together were great
now you've grown into something, something I can only hate
the other girl doesn't realize you've been playing her too
but it's ok you belong together cuz she's just like you
I'm glad I finally gave up on something that was never there
you can't be with two people that's just not fair
you should have told me the truth from the very start
instead of playing your game and breaking my heart
I hope you regret what you have done to me
and try to get me back while begging on your knees
but this time I'll be smart and leave you behindbecause when you say you want me I know you're lying
you had so many chances but you took too long
I feel better now knowing you're finally gone
Missing You
No words I write can ever say,
How much I miss you every day.
As time goes by the loneliness grows,
How I miss you... nobody knows.
I think of you in silence,
I often speak your name.
But all I have are memories,
And a photo in a frame.
No one knows my sorrow,
No one sees me weep.
But the love I have for you,
Is in my heart and mine to keep.
I never stopped loving you,
I don't think I ever will.
Deep inside my heart,
You are with me still.
Heartaches in this world are many,
But mine is worse than any.
My heart still aches as I whisper low,
"I need you... and miss you so."
The things we feel so deeply,
Are often the hardest things to say.
But I just can't keep quiet anymore,
So I'll tell you anyway.
There is a place in my heart,
That no one else can fill.
I love you... and I always will.

Late-night Talk
His name came up
On the caller ID
At exactly
Eleven fory-three.
I answer it
In my cheery fashion
For our late-night talks
Were always my passion.
But his voice told me
That something was wrong
Like a horror movie's
Foreshadowing song.
As he took a deep breath
And told me the phrase
"We need to talk"
I was put in a daze.
"We have a connection
And get along fine
There's nothing you've done
The problem is mine.
"You understand don't you?
Are you still there?"
I tried to answer
As I felt my heart tear.
"We're gonna stay friends,
We'll talk every day.
Nikki, do you have
Anything to say?"
A thousand thoughts were
Ready to spill
But my mouth wouldn't talk
As my eyes began to fill.
Thoughts raced through my head
Old memories played
The thought of being alone
Made me feel so afraid.
"I'm not expecting you
To understand.
You're a sophmore,
Life holds different demands.
"Still one day
When your life is SAT's
College applications
And activities,
"You'll realize why
I made this choice.
Talk to me, Nikki,
Do you have a voice?"
I would if I hadn't
Hung up so quick
To comfort myself,
I was feeling quite sick.
So then this is it,
This is the end.
What more can I say then?
I'll miss you my friend.
-Nicole Hamberger


Come Heal My Broken Heart