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Love Poems (cont.)

My Secret in Silence
You came into my life
quietly, simply, placidly
and my words stood still...
I couldn't express in words
or even simple gestures
the secret I kept in my heart.
So I loved in silence,
admired you from a distance,
dreamt of you from afar.
I wanted to say I love you...
I wanted to say I care.
But cowardly, maybe, you'll only laugh at me.
In silence then I will love you...
In silence then I will care...
-Lorelei Pablo
In Love
This feeling overwhelms me
A swelling of the heart
I never truly thought I would be
This happy at the start.
You take me by the hand
And lead me by the heart
Over a beach of sand
Through the grasses that we part.
With you I let go
Of intuition and sound mind
My feelings I cannot help but show
To a person who is so kind.
You kiss my lips so tender
Embrace me through the night
To you I have surrendered
Myself so hold on tight.
So strongly you hold my hand
Whisper softly in my ear
I really feel that you understand
Everything you hear.
I lose myself in you
This close I have never been
These feelings are so new
To have a lover who is my friend.
-Michelle LaNocle