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Here's all the input from you guys. Thanks!

That thing people call you by: PUNK!
Any thoughts random or otherwise: nope just dancing in my chair... lol
What flavor are your bugars: ewww that's gross!

im breaking down. im tearing apart from the others. i can't do this anymore. i'm just a teenage girl. i'm soft and i'm weak. i'm scared of this. tears fall and burn my cheeks. my throat closes up as i choke upon my words. too many problems. too many tears. i try to open my eyes. i try to find the reasons why. but they never come to me. you're not alive anymore. and i'm sitting here crying to myself. how could this happen? why did it have to be you? i'm lost inside. i'm afraid of this. i'm soft and i'm weak. watching everything burn. afraid to move. afraid to scream. i just wanna be with you once again. it's never gonna happen. my dreams are crushed. we're never gonna be that family. that we wanted to be. you're gone. daddy's far away. baby brother's gone. big brother's out and about. and i'm here. crying over all of you. i'm soft and i'm weak. i'm just a teenage girl. trying to do what she can. so far, it's not working out. i miss you. i love you. what else can i say? except: i'll see you soon. where we can all be that family. that we wanted to be
~sierra jenson

I regret My god why did you take my mother?Angels took the wrong one-NOT HER-another regret is a feeling that I feel everyday you took her from me and I didn't even get to say-"i love you, mom" in my own way only to hear her say it back to me.God why couldn't you just let us be? She didn't deserve to die didn't deserve to be in pain, only to leave me here asking you why night after night when I cry in vain.

~Aaliyah Valle

I would paint a smile on my face to pretend everytheng is okay but my tears will wash it away

Here... it's all about you!