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Misc. poems

Here are some poems I didn't feel fit in any of my categories.

Last Day
If today were the last day I had with you,
What would we say?
What would we do?
Would it be just another day with you?
I tell you I love you.
You say okay.
What do you mean?
This is my last day.
I ask to kiss you.
You say sure.
I lean over
And put my lips to yours.
The end of the night
I give you a hug
I say goodbye
You simply shrug.
I cry on my bed
And pick up the gun
I put the barrel to my head
And pull the trigger.
If today was the last day I had with you,
What would we say?
What would we do?
Would it be just another day with you?
You left me alone
So I sit here and cry
I'm alone with my knife
Soon I shall die
You told me you loved me
I thought it was true
I saw you with that girl
She was all over you
I stood staring
Your eyes met mine
You started running
But I had already died
I ran home
With tears in my eyes
I knew what i would do
No matter how many tries
I locked the door
And sat on my bed
No one can stop me
No matter how many tears shed
I take my knife
And slit my wrists
I feel the blood draining
This is my last gift
You break down the door
And enter my room
You sit next to me
You don't know of my doom
You don't know what happened
Let me explain
I only nod
I feel a bit faint
I was going home
She needed a ride
I stopped at the Sonic
My throat was so dry
Next thing I knew
She had me in back
Then yo walked up
I wanted you back
It's too late
I simply say
I show you my wrists
You can only gaze
You grab a few tissues
And press them on the wounds
You hold me tight
I feel my life sliping
The last thing I know
The last thing I say
Goodbye my love
Then all fades away
I'm in a bright place
The street glitters gold
I begin to walk forward
Until you grab a hold
I turn around
To see your face
You're smiling at me
You're in this place?
What do you think?
You ask grinning
Without you
My life's not worth living
You wrap your arms around me
And give me a kiss
We walk hand in hand
Into eternal bliss
It was a bad life
With the perfect death
My love is here with me
This is true happiness
He means so much to me I just wish he knew
because when I'm around him the sky's a different blue
and when he talks to me my knees begin to shake
but the last thing I want is another heartbreak
if he would love me like I do
I could tell him that I will always be true
but when I try to talk I just don't know what to say
because it really sucks to know he don't feel the same way


Loser Bunny