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And There He Was
And there he was
staring into my eyes as a child stares at candy.
He was an image of perfection.
His sea blue eyes were as deep as the ocean,
and, oh, so full of mystery, like a treasure waiting to be opened.
He could win any girl's heart,
but he was awaiting my response to the question.
My stomach was churning like milk in a blender.
My heart was beating as if I had just run a marathon.
I was so excited that he had asked me,
not just any girl, but me.
All I had to do was get the words out,
but it was hard.
His perfection stunned my thoughts,
yet I managed to reply in a cool manner,
the words flowing off my lips as water flows through a stream.
"Sure, you can borrow my pencil."
A Toast
Raise your glass to the sky,
with hopes and dreams held high.
To the graduates I toast...
Here's to the friends we've lost and gained,
and the people we'll never know by name.
To the bonds that we've made and albums we've filled,
memories that may fade but never be killed.
Here's to the phone calls filled with tears,
and to the hours spent talking away our fears.
To the people we thought deserved our hearts,
whom now we bash and rip apart.
Here's to the pictures in frames with stories to say,
that we will be sure to pack when we go away.
To the football games we have watched beneath the lights,
and our cheers and chants drifting into the night.
Here's to proms and dances,
and high school romances.
To homecoming games,
with all the wins in our name.
Here's to late nights we've spent cramming for tests,
and mornings coffee made up for our rest.
To the dances and events we took months to create,
the night before worries that came too late.
Here's to the tears we knew we'd cry,
to the people and places we say good-bye.
To the wild and bizarre things we've done,
that we will remember to be the most fun.
Here's to the letters we left unsigned,
may our identities be revealed all in due time.
To the relationships we wonder how we ever lived without,
and the crushes we look back on and laugh about.
So now it's time to place our glasses down,
put our caps on and turn our tassels around.
Listen for our names and let them echo through,
and realize how fast these four years just flew.
-Sarah Watroba
Jack and Jill
went up the hill
to smoke some marijuana
Jack got high
and unzipped his fly
and Jill said do you wanna
Held up
in the arms of love
too scared to see
who's holding me
won't look down
I'm up too high
but my lover's eyes hold the key
Hidden Sorrows
Broken promises
So many lies
Broken heart
Softly she cries

Whispering softly
Screaming out loud
Wishing he was there
When nobody’s around

Holding her close
Kissing her face
These are the thoughts
She can’t erase

Now she knows what happens
When you give your heart away
Never again will she do it
At least not today

Too many broken promises
Way too many lies
Now her heart is broken
And the tears are filling her eyes

What she once had
Is lost in a haze
She is stuck in a trance
A sad dark phase

Great self esteem
High confidence
To feeling inane
Lost innocence

She wants it all back
She wants it to be
Like it was before
But how can she

After the broken promises
And all the lies
Her broken heart
Her undying cries
-Cassie Olano (that's me)



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